Pictured above: Students and staff got a chance to vote on furniture that will go into the new Stadium Drive Residence Halls. See below in the image gallery for which pieces were selected.

Planning and clarity of communication are key to finishing out the 2018-19 academic year on a strong note, said Flo Johnson, University Housing’s assistant vice chancellor.

Here are some updates Flo offered as a we look toward Move-out 2019.

Stadium Drive Residence Halls

New furniture for the hall was ordered after the public was invited in October to vote on the pieces they most liked.

All the cross-laminated timber is here and being installed. You can see construction of the middle “Cabin” section going on now. The full construction will be completed before students arrive in August.

More tours will be offered this spring.

Pomfret Hall

Construction updates are moving smoothly at Pomfret Hall. Students can again use the Pomfret Great Room and there is a “grab and go” food option in place for those dining in the hall.

Construction should be done in early August and a new BBQ restaurant is planned for anyone looking for some late-night dining options.


Conferences staff are gearing up for another outstanding year, Flo said. The teamwork between conferences, facilities and assignments staff continues to bring excellent communication and collaboration.

Capital Projects

Expect slowdowns in capital projects during the 2020 summer. Housing will have just completed Stadium Drive Residence Halls. Futrall Hall will see new windows throughout the entire building. Pomfret Hall D-Wing will be completed renovated with new finishes, flooring, walls, ceilings, lights and furniture.

It’s a good time to celebrate the capital projects already accomplished and decide on coming priorities, Flo said.

Arkansas REACH Scholarship

The Razorbacks Enhancing Access to Campus Housing (REACH) scholarship makes available up to $4,000 to current freshman for the reduction of on-campus room and board costs during their sophomore year.

We can expect that several students will take advantage of this scholarship this fall. The goal is to increase sophomore retention on campus help ensure these are students are academically successful as they live on campus a second year.

They are allowed to apply the REACH Scholarship funds to any hall where they wish to live.

Stadium Drive Image Gallery